About JAForlines Global

W.E. Donoghue & Co., LLC is a tactical investment firm that specializes in risk-managed portfolios and global tactical strategies. At the end of 2017, W.E. Donoghue acquired JAForlines Global, which had previously managed the JAForlines Global Tactical Portfolios. The same team that managed the JAForlines portfolios prior to the acquisition, including John Forlines, continue to manage the portfolios.

The portfolios team’s monthly meetings drive strategy and tactics and have inputs from Senior Advisors, proprietary contract research and portfolio consultants. W.E. Donoghue utilizes an internal financial conditions analysis that is geared specifically towards the global tactical allocation investment style of the portfolios.

John A. Forlines III, Chief Investment Officer of W.E. Donoghue and portfolio manager for the JAForlines Global Tactical Portfolios, was formerly Chairman and CIO of JAForlines Global when it was an independent investment adviser. Before founding JAForlines Global, Mr. Forlines was President of Core Asset Management. Mr. Forlines brings over 25 years of experience as an analyst, investment banker, and portfolio manager. Before joining Core Asset Management, Mr. Forlines spent 16 years at J.P. Morgan as a structured product specialist, senior investment banker, and business unit leader. Mr. Forlines graduated from Duke University with Honors in English and Economics and Duke University School of Law. He is a Professor in the Department of Economics at Duke.



JAForlines Global Tactical series of portfolio’s flagship portfolio has a track record which emphasizes capital preservation and provides solid annualized returns.

We are partnering with select high quality independent RIAs and Broker/Dealers to help grow their third party management business with customized products. Please drop us a note here or email us at: info@donoghue.com for more information.