JFG seeks to identify very long-range global developments and invest in assets that stand to appreciate as these global trends unfold. We form a long-term view of the world and seek to express that view through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We adjust our clients’ portfolios to shorter-term influences of economic, political, and financial cycles, while maintaining the investments chosen to capture long-term developments. Our "Advisor Updates" explain this interplay of long-term investments consistent with secular trends and shorter-terms tactical adjustments.

We are a "Core" strategy with most of our Advisors, having displaced mutual fund families and internal allocation asset picking. Advisors build private REITS,royalty partnerships and munibond holdings around us-- we are the conservative risk manager for listed assets in their overall client portfolios.

I think what we do is very innovative in that it is an alternative to traditional buy and hold mutual funds. And we are different from the newer ETF-only managers in that we aren't just model builders-we use fundamental global macro research to craft ideas for our portfolios. In a sense, we are a throw-- back to the days of research crafted investment management-- only we have far better tools than individual stocks and bonds.

One advantage we have is that we are institutional folks bringing an institutional product with a strong track record to a retail channel that traditionally doesn't have access. Advisors can buy versions of what we do on some platforms, but they are often embedded in expensive fund of fund strategies or in costly mutual fund structures.

For a top down, global allocation manager, ETFs and ETPs are a marriage made in heaven. We can make sector, regional,credit, volatility and currency plays most anywhere in the world without having to buy individual stocks and bonds on foreign exchanges. We have superior liquidity as compared to mutual funds, and we enjoy a huge cost advantage. In a million dollar separately managed account , we'll have 7-20 positions whereas a traditional stock and bond picker in a mutual fund averages around 1200. So by using ETFs we have lower friction costs, daily transparency and far more tactical agility.

We work hard to manage cost efficient portfolios that reflect global economic realities in ways that can positively impact financial performance. Read the three reasons to partner with JFG.

JA Forlines Global (JFG) provides "private label" portfolio management for select independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's), Broker/Dealers and the clients of their Registered Representatives. We do not offer services directly to individual investors.

To find an investment advisor who can help you take advantage of JFG's approach to portfolio management, please contact us.

We are globally allocated, diversified portfolio managers. Our macro, top-down style allows us considerable flexibility in tactics. We believe our style fits anyone ages 9-90 who wants decent returns with low standard deviation. We believe that just because you are 90 doesn’t mean you pile into bonds, especially if the credit or business cycle dictates higher risk for this asset class. Fixed income, equities and commodities have to be rated on a relative basis through the credit-cycle –that’s the key to avoiding the losses you can get from “traditional” asset allocation and “target date” thinking.

Don’t watch the financial news on television and try to avoid much of the internet financial blogging. Advertising-driven media exists for one purpose and it’s not to make you a smarter investor. Spend your time trying to find a financial advisor who provides you with clarity and knowledge about the markets.

As active index investors, we compete against two types of firms. First, the traditional stock and bond mutual fund, which we believe we have a tactical and cost advantage over. Second, we compete against other firms using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They are mostly “market timers,” meaning they use technical analysis to drive investment decisions. We use fundamental, global macro research to construct portfolios, as we believe it provides more consistent, tax-efficient returns with less turnover.

We rate three asset classes -fixed income (which includes cash), equities, and alternatives -on a relative base every month. Historically, there are sub-asset groups in those classes you need to be out of over a four-year credit cycle, but that generally means one of the other groups in another class will be doing well.

Read our Advisor Updates, ask us questions, and stay in touch. We can help Advisors navigate through various market cycles and help obtain and retain clients.


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JAForlines Global (JFG) is a New York-based investment management company specializing exclusively in separately managed and model account strategies for clients of select independent RIAs, Broker/Dealers and their Registered Representatives.

JAForlines has been acquired by and operates through W.E. Donoghue & Co., LLC.

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