Foundations & Endowments

At JAForlines, we understand the challenges foundations and endowments face in investing their portfolios today. We think you will appreciate our investment philosophy to seek long term growth through exposure to a diverse mix of asset classes while we actively manage to reduce overall risk.

Keys to our approach:

  • We take a global view of opportunities. We tactically invest across U.S. and international equities, bonds, and alternatives, as well as cash.
  • We're active managers. While taking a long-term view of the market, we tactically adjust the portfolio in response to changes in shorter-term business and credit cycles. This active management strategy allows us to respond to market conditions by allocating across asset classes in response to economic considerations.
  • We focus on macro trends. Our top-down analysis emphasizes fundamental credit-driven research to identify economic trends that enable us to take advantage of investment opportunities around the globe. Our approach is similar to the U.S. large endowment model. Clients obtain exposure to all three major asset classes in one liquid, separately managed account at the institutional custodian of their choice.
  • We are a liquid and cost effective alternative to traditional "style box" manager line-ups and far easier for fiduciaries to monitor.
  • We communicate - we offer Weekly Updates of market and macroeconomic topics and we provide updates when portfolio changes are made.

Leverage the resources and global expertise of the JAForlines team to address the investment objectives of your foundation or endowment. We invite you to talk to us about your goals.