Advisor Update February 2017 - European Politics 2017: A Roadmap
After seven years of continuous crises within Europe’s byzantine political structures, American observers can be forgiven if they’ve become fatigued and lost interest. However, 2017 is set to be the...
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Challenges and opportunities taking shape in 2017 – John Forlines III and Bob Shea
 John Forlines III, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer at JFG, and Bob Shea, senior advisor sat down recently to talk about lessons learned from 2016 and how we see political, economic and financ...
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Markets in Motion, February 13, 2017 - Trump Shaking Up Washington
President Trump has not disappointed on his promise to shake up Washington. He is moving at breakneck speed to fulfill his campaign promises, to the delight of his supporters and consternation of his ...
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Markets in Motion, January 13th 2017 - Political risks front-and-center in 2017
Political risks are once again front-and-center as we analyze the major factors that will impact markets in 2017. In the US, President-elect Trump and the Republican Party have laid out an enormously ...
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Advisor Update December 2016 - The Most Bizarre Capital Markets Months Ever
November 2016 will go down as one of the most bizarre capital markets months ever. In the wake of a real live "Dewey Beats Truman" in US election results, almost every major defensive positi...
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Markets in Motion, December 9th 2016 - 2016 has been a pivotal year in the Western world
2016 has been a pivotal year in the Western world. Anti-establishment political groups, having gathered momentum since the global financial crisis, have finally been able to exert their will on wester...
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Markets in Motion, November 14th 2016

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Markets in Motion, November 14th 2016
Donald Trump’s victory last week and the Brexit vote in June are striking, and not least because the pollsters, pundits, and political experts got both so magnificently wrong. Together they represent...
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