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JAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Portfolio Team constructs investment portfolios using fundamental research to develop a top-down macro view with a global orientation. The suite of Global Tactical Portfolios enables clients to obtain exposure to all three major asset classes—global equities, fixed income, and alternatives—in a single portfolio using low-cost ETFs. Diversification across regions and asset classes is critical to long-term investment success—it enables the team to reduce portfolio risk and volatility while producing strong returns. The Global Tactical Portfolios are long-term investments, presenting growth potential and risk management across all asset classes, and are used as the risk-managed core of a client’s portfolio. The team invests in liquid, low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on a long-term secular view with tactical positioning during the shorter-term business and credit cycles.

JAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Portfolio (GTA)

W.E. Donoghue - JAForlines GTA Portfolio

This is the “flagship” portfolio of the JAForlines Global Tactical Product Suite and employs the main strategic and tactical approaches. It is a core portfolio that contains three asset classes in one brokerage account-equities, fixed income and alternatives (commodities and hard assets). The strategy targets long term global macro economic trends while utilizing shorter term economic variables in analyzing potential price movements in the three main asset classes.

The GTA portfolio holds fixed income investments in almost all market conditions, but has immense flexibility in holding equities, alternatives and cash. As a result, the level of investment risk in this portfolio may be lower than similar moderate allocation mutual funds. GTA employs larger and more frequent shifts in asset allocation to the modern volatile investment environment.

JAForlines Global Tactical Income Portfolio (GTI)

Global Tactical Income Portfolio

Our GTI Portfolio seeks to deliver high current income while preserving principal. As a secondary goal, we also seek conservative capital appreciation. Concerns about the bond market and potential for rising interest rates make it timely to consider this portfolio.

JAForlines Global Tactical Conservative Portfolio (GTC)

Global Tactical Conservative Portfolio

Our GTC Portfolio is designed to be a core, long-term investment, presenting conservative growth potential and risk management across all asset classes. This strategy seeks to achieve conservative capital appreciation while emphasizing preservation of capital.

JAForlines Global Tactical Growth Portfolio (GTG)

Global Tactical Growth Portfolio

Our GTG Portfolio is designed to be a core, long-term investment, presenting growth potential and risk management across all asset classes. This strategy seeks to achieve greater capital appreciation than our Global Tactical Allocation (GTA) portfolio.

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