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JAForlines Global (JFG) provides "private label" portfolio management for clients of select Broker/Dealers, independent RIAs, and their Registered Representatives. JFG takes a top-down macro view with global orientation in constructing its portfolios. Our Global Tactical Allocation management style enables clients to obtain all three major asset classes - global equities, fixed income and alternatives - in one separately managed brokerage account.

JFG believes:

  • That global investing in all asset classes is critical to short and long-term success
  • That "buy and hold" is a discredited form of investment management; volatile investing times require tactical agility
  • That communicating and working with advisors and Registered Reps is a critical component of client retention
  • That JFG's track record provides an exciting alternative to traditional mutual fund investments

We invite you to learn more about our management philosophy and how we support our professional relationships.




The Latest


January, 2014

  • Meet John Forlines at Inside ETFs, Index Universe's 7th Annual Conference, January 27-29th. John will be a panelist for "The Contrarian: Is Now the Time to Invest in Europe?" (Tuesday, January 28). Go here for conference details.

November, 2013


October, 2013

  • John Forlines III speaks on the current macro landscape during Morningstar's ETF Invest Conference in Chicago.  Read the article here.

August, 2013

  • Read JAForlines Global Overview - our approach to portfolio management.
  • Read it here.

July, 2013

  • John Forlines III talks to Index Universe about JFG's global investment view and portfolio strategy approach to ETF investing.
  • Watch the video


April, 2013

  • Morningstar's Andrew Gogerty, ETF Managed Portfolio Strategist interviews John Forlines III, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer on trends in global credit markets and the impact of behavioural finance on managed portfolios.
  • Watch the video

Recent Commentary

February 25th, 2014 | New York

"One of the enduring legacies of a market crash is a heightened sense of risk aversion: humans are prone to think that once a terrible event like the 2008 crash occurs, the likelihood of it re-occurring are far higher than historical averages imply."

January 31st, 2014 | New York

"There’s not much to say about the first month of trading in 2014 - other than to quote J.P. Morgan’s famous response to a question on where the markets were going in a 1930’s Congressional inquiry into the Great Crash of 1929, 'They will go up and down.'"

December 24th, 2013 | New York

"Last year we began this year-end edition with the thought, 'If you watch the news enough, especially lately, you might come to the conclusion that the world is falling apart before your eyes. We will provide some perspective by focusing on what is well in the world.'"